Electrical Testing

This service involves the testing and diagnosis, predictive maintenance and commissioning services for all types of electrical installations and equipment (low-, medium), including transformers, motors, generators, cables, earthed systems and rotating equipment’s. The testing of electrical equipment helps to determine its condition, so avoiding service failures and unnecessary preventive action.

Through a wide range of different testing techniques, ACS is able to provide top-rate optimization management for any electrical installation during its useful life, including consultancy on inspection and maintenance plans and root-cause failure analysis.

Our services include:

  • Transformers: assessment of the condition
  • Generators : assessment of the condition
  • Circuit breakers: passive contact resistance; switch operation times
  • Cables: location of faults in cover or insulation; withstand voltage testing (surge); power factor and capacitance in MV cables; partial discharge detection in MV cables; cover tests; screen continuity and resistance
  • Thermographic testing: inspection of electrical installations from low voltage HV
  • Earth pit testing
  • Others: assessment of the condition of LV equipment: surge arresters, capacitors, CTs and PT, earthing systems, etc.